For four months we have been providing you with regular updates on all relevant legal developments regarding the Coronavirus disease in Germany. In the future you will be informed by our team about changes in specific topics. Please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our experts.

The guide line contains following topics:

Employees and Businesses
• Employment
• Data Protection
• Curfews
• Mandatory Business Closures
• Real Estate and Tenancy Law 

Corporate Governance
• Corporate
• New Rules for Stock Corporations

Liquidity / Financing
• Financial Support Measures
• Economic Stabilization Fund
• Tax Reliefs - Update
• Financial Agreements
• Compensation Claims
• EU Legal Framework for State Aid
Restructuring / Insolvency 

Supply Chain
• Trade Controls
• Commercial Contracts: Force Majeure
• Governmental Contracts - Update

Further Areas
• Antitrust & Competition 
• Compliance
• Intellectual Property
• Investment Protection
• Work of State Courts and Arbitration Tribunals

Industry Focus: Pharma & Medical Products

It goes without saying that we will meet any and all deadlines and continue to work at your assignments without any interruption or delay.

Please feel free to contact us via the usual communication channels. You can also visit Baker McKenzie's global Coronavirus Resource Center to get more insight on this topic.

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