At the weekend, the Austrian Parliament amended 39 laws and introduced five new ones with its “2nd COVID-19 Act” (“2. COVID-19-Gesetz”). We already anticipated many of the topics in our second guide last week. In our third edition, the following questions have been added or updated:

Substantive and Procedural Time Limits
• How will procedural statutory periods be changed?
• What will happen to substantive statutory periods?
• Which fees will be waved?
• Which rules apply to the service of documents?

Tax Reliefs
• Are there extensions of time limits?

Insolvency Act, Enforcement Act
• Is there an extension of the application period? 
• Will executions be postponed?

Curfews, Bans on Access
• Who is permitted to enter customer areas?
• Who is prohibited to enter public spaces?
• Is there a compulsory provision for home office?

State Aid Rules, Competition Law
• Is it possible to submit merger notifications with the Austrian Competition Authority? 

Continued Pay in Case of a Shut-Down
• Is there an obligation to continue payment of remuneration in the event of a ban or restriction on entering the business operation?

Special Leave for Childcare
• Who can use the special leave for childcare?
• How much is the state funding for the special leave?

Update of Short-Time Work
• Who bears the costs in case of sickness?
• Are there updated documents available yet?

Shareholder’s Meetings, Dividend Payments
• Can shareholders’ meetings be held by electronic means?
• For how long can a shareholders’ meeting be postponed?
• Which measures mandatorily require a shareholders’ meeting?
• Can I approve a dividend payment? 


You can find the most current version of our Quick Guide on our website. For international questions, we recommend visiting our global "Coronavirus Resource Center".

We are available to answer any questions you may have as to the Austrian or any international legal system personally. Please feel free to contact us via the customary email accounts or direct lines.

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