After Easter customers will be allowed to enter hardware and garden stores, stores of construction materials, iron and wood shops and shops where the customer area does not exceed 400 m². Regarding the Corona Relief Fund the government announced first broad lines. This once again prompted us, to update our Corona Quick Guide.

An overview of the new topics:

Financial Assistance

Public Procurement

Shareholder’s Meetings, Dividend Payments

Substantive and Procedural Time Limits

Insolvency Act, Enforcement Act

Curfews, Bans on Access

Reduction in Rent for Business Premises

You can find the most current version of our Quick Guide on our website. For international questions, we recommend visiting our global "Coronavirus Resource Center".

We are available to answer any questions you may have as to the Austrian or any international legal system personally. Please feel free to contact us via the customary email accounts or direct lines.

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