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  • New exceptions

By means of the Administrative Decision No. 429/2020, the Chief of Cabinet extended the list of activities and services declared as essential under the emergency, which are exempted of complying with the “social, preventive and mandatory isolation” and of the prohibition of circulating, which was provided by the National Government through Decree No. 297-2020.

  • Customs storage

According to Decree 300/2020 the 0.6% rate has been reduced for 90 days to 0.25%. In addition, the 1.2% By means of Disposition N° 0/2020, the Federal Port Authority extended the free-of-charge storage from March 20th. to April 10th for all the shipments operating at the Buenos Aires port (both as port of loading or port of discharge). Such shipments will be also charged handling costs at a reduced rate.

  • AFIP terms extended

By means of General Resolution No. 4683/2020, published in the Official Bulletin on March 20, 2020, Argentine Federal Revenue Authority extended up to June 30, 2020 the facilitating payments on tax, social security and customs debts set forth by General Resolution No. 4268/2018 (“Resolution”). Pursuant to the Resolution, the Argentine Federal Revenue Authority (“AFIP” for its acronym in Spanish) established a new permanent regime for facilitating payments on tax, social security and customs debts


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