The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Vietnam ("MONRE") has recently released a new Draft Law on Environmental Protection ("Draft Law") to replace the current 2014 Law on Environmental Protection ("Current Law"). 1 The Draft Law proposes, among other things, significant changes to current policies on climate change adaptation measures.

In addition, as part of the roadmap for implementing the Paris Agreement and following the Katowice Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP 24), MONRE has drafted and proposed another draft Decree containing a specific plan on the mitigation of greenhouse gas ("GHG") emissions in Vietnam ("Draft GHG Decree").

According to MONRE, the finalization and implementation of the Draft GHG Decree will provide an important legal basis to assist relevant Ministries in duly conducting state management of GHG mitigation. Furthermore, the approval of the proposed Draft GHG Decree would reaffirm the Government's determination to fulfill its international commitments as well as elevate the position of Vietnamese specialized agencies in international discussions and cooperation on climate change.

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