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Welcome to the February 2020 edition of Baker McKenzie's International Trade Compliance Update.

This issue's highlights:

  • WTO: Update on Appellate Body, DSB activities, TBT Notifications
  • WCO: HS 2022 adopted, news
  • CITES: Notifications to Parties
  • FAS GAIN Reports
  • Panama: New system of seals, safeguards on pork under US-P TPTA, reorganization of customs appeals
  • Canada: CUSMA Bill introduced, advance rulings published, Customs Notices, sanctions, AD/CVD cases
  • Mexico: New labeling requirements for pre-packaged food and non-alcoholic beverages, Decree ratifying USMCA (T-MEC), government procurement thresholds under FTAs
  • USA: Presidential documents, President signs USMCA Implementation Act, new steel and aluminum tariffs on derivatives, modification of residential washer safeguards, US-China "Phase One" deal, USTR requests comments on exclusion of certain products from solar products safeguards, reduction of Sec. 301 tariffs in list 4A to 7.5%, suspension of Sec. tariffs in December, Section 301 exclusions, USITC publishes petitions for duty suspensions and reductions (MTB), China is not currency manipulator, en banc CAFC says CBP may interpret ambiguous AD scope language, US-Japan Trade Agreement enters into force, report on piracy and counterfeiting, CBP Trade Symposium announcement, final determination in an origin case, Lever Rule application granted, EAPA notification, FTZs, CSMS messages, DOT restrictions on flights to Cuba, ITAR FAQs, ITAR amendments, Iran Wind-down FAQs, Iran sanctions, FIRRMA regulations issued, revised EAR and ITAR firearms and munitions regulations, Justice export control and sanctions revised policy, blocking orders, government procurement thresholds, FCC prohibition on funding - use of certain Chinese equipment, Commerce scope rulings, AD/CVD cases
  • Argentina: AD/CVD cases, export duties
  • Brazil: Economic Complementation Agreement amendments, duty reductions, import quotas, consultation on drawback
  • Chile: Economic Complementation Agreement amendments, changes to national customs tariff, amendments to the compendium of customs norms
  • Peru: Law strengthening single window, approve discretionary power in customs infractions, various procedural changes
  • Australia: Entry into force of Australia-Hong Kong FTA, indexation of duty rates on excise equivalent goods, AD/CVD cases
  • China: 2019 updates to draft export control law
  • India: CBIC and DGFT notifications and circulars, addition of agencies to e-SANCHIT paperless system, import and export policy changes, AD/CVD cases
  • Malaysia: Entry into force of key legislation affecting trade and customs
  • New Zealand: Goods clearance fees to change 1 June, Endangered Species Act amendments, tobacco duty rates increased 1 Jan.
  • Singapore: Circular on implementation of the upgraded rules of origin under ANZSCEP agreement
  • European Union and EFTA: EU approves UK Withdrawal Agreement and UK exits EU, strengthening global rules on subsidies, E3 Ministers trigger JCPOA dispute resolution, Iran updates, EU Dual-Use items, OJ regulations and decisions, restrictive measures, AD/CVD cases
    • France: Notices to importers
    • Switzerland: illegal trafficking of shahtoosh wool shawls, Swiss consultation on more efficient action by customs officers against counterfeits, guidance on validity of proofs or origin, ordinances and regulations, restrictive measures
    • UK: Exits the EU, preparation for Magnitsky-style sanctions, adoption of EU dual use list, legislation, HMRC updates, Export Control Joint Unit issuances
    • Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Spain legislative updates and restrictive measures
  • Turkey: Trade legislation, communiques on prevention of unfair imports completion, trade agreements
  • Ukraine: AD measures
  • Algeria: 2020 Finance Law, law on hydrocarbons
  • Morocco: 2020 Finance Law (export taxes, industrial acceleration zones)
  • EAEU: decisions and recommendations adopted by the EAEC Board, preliminary classification decisions
    • Belarus: Agreement on traceability of goods imported into EAEU, protocols on accession of Kyrgyz Republic and Armenia, person use importations
    • Russia: rules for determining export value, photographic products, certain goods subject to mandatory labeling
  • Côte d'Ivoire: New government procurement code
  • Rwanda: Applications for 'quitus fiscal' (tax clearance certificate)
  • South Africa: Tariff amendments and rules amendments Plus information on trade compliance enforcement actions, Client Alerts and articles, webinars and seminars, and recordings of past events.
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