This report explores what shaped the EMEA leveraged finance market in 2019 and maps ten predictions for 2020. It also includes our monthly "In the Know" newsletters from the past year:

2019 in a Nutshell

Last year, the leveraged finance market held steady against the tide of shifting macro-economic factors such as geopolitical events, Central Bank policy and commodity pricing. Trend highlights include:

  • popularity of the Term Loan B (TLB);
  • resurgence of high yield bonds with upticks in the UK, Italy, Germany, Turkey and the Nordics;
  • rising loan activity in Germany, Spain, Sweden and certain CIS countries.

Ten Key Predictions to Shape 2020

Find out how geopolitical circumstances, litigation, global and regional regulation, the rise of third-party advisory and jurisdictional-specific discrete market offerings will bring about new challenges and opportunities this year.

You'll also find predictions on how high yield bonds is expected to perform against TLB, why maturing markets will see a rise in activity, how sustainable finance will take flight, why you can expect a robust R&I market, and what increasing commoditisation of direct lending products mean for 2020.

"A Year in the Know"

Trace the trajectory on hot topics in leveraged finance through a collation of curated newsletters published over the last year. Explore issues such as the Net Short Noteholder Predicament, Green Bonds, Direct Lending and Cannabis Debt Financing and developments in the LIBOR debate.

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