The legal community tends to look to the past and present, writing and presenting on recent cases and the current state of the law. And yet the questions we hear from clients are often future-oriented. What trends are emerging? What's around the corner? How can I position my organization for what comes next?  

In the latest edition of The Year Ahead, we look at the ten big themes set to emerge in 2020:

  1. The globalization of dispute resolution
  2. Efforts to improve cross-border enforcement
  3. Growing use of mediation
  4. Litigation funding enters the mainstream
  5. Growth of criminal and regulatory enforcement
  6. Political risks to investment 
  7. New analytics tools for disputes lawyers
  8. New efficiency tools for lawyers
  9. Emerging use of AI in national court systems
  10. Automated dispute resolution 

With more than 1,100 disputes lawyers in 77 offices and 46 countries around the world, we are well positioned to consider future developments on a truly global basis.