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Welcome to the January 2020 edition of Baker McKenzie's International Trade Compliance Update.

This issue's highlights:

  • WTO: E-commerce moratorium extended, Appellate Body deadlock, dispute settlement issues, recent disputes, DSB activities, TBT notifications
  • WCO: News
  • CITES: Notifications
  • GAIN reports: Food and Agricultural Import Regulations and Standards (FAIRS), Exporter Guides
  • Panama: Tariff amendments, labeling of tobacco products
  • Canada: D-Memoranda, Customs Notices, ADD/CVD notices
  • Mexico: General foreign trade rules, amendments to the tariff, ADD cases
  • US: Continuation of human rights abuse and corruption national emergency, Proclamation 9974 (HTSUS modifications), "phase one" trade deal with China, revised USMCA is signed, Sec. 301 exclusions and guidance, special 301 review, TAA procurement thresholds, exclusion extensions, suspension December 15th section 301 tariff of 15%, decision not to suspend concessions in connection with US-EU beef dispute, additional aircraft case tariffs considered, $2.4 billion in tariffs considered in response to French digital tax, sugar surplus determinations, duty-free CBERA imports, US-Vietnam Customs Mutual Assistance Agreement, CBP quarterly interest rates, brokers exam dates, Sec. 321 data pilot modifications, "Lever Rule" applications, CBP revocations and modifications of rulings, US-Japan Trade Agreement guidance, CSMS messages, foreign-trade zones, ITAR amendments, EO 13382 designations, OFAC updates/amendments to Venezuelan sanctions, TTB/FDA/USDA and other agency regulatory actions, commerce scope and anti-circumvention rulings, AD/CVD actions
  • Argentina: Export rights, tariff modifications, ADD/CVD cases
  • Brazil: CAMEX resolutions, SECEX portarias and circulars, AD/CVD cases
  • Chile, Peru, Colombia: Normative documents
  • Australia: Biosecurity fees, notices, AD/CVD cases
  • China: MOFCOM and customs notices and announcements
  • India: Tariff and non-tariff notifications, circulars, instructions, AD/CVD cases
  • Japan: US-Japan Trade Agreement approved
  • New Zealand: Imports of inclined infant sleep products banned, new rules for imports of NZD 1000 or less, Gazette notices
  • Singapore: Notices and circulars
  • Taiwan: Prohibition on e-cigarettes
  • Vietnam: Customs cracks down on transshipment of Chinese goods
  • Europe-EFTA: Six additional countries sign up for Instex to facilitate Iranian trade, Official Journal documents AD/CVD cases, sanctions against Chinese tableware exporters evading EU ADD
    • France: Notices to importers
    • Netherlands: Internal Compliance Programme guidelines
    • Switzerland, UK, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland: Selected Official Gazette legislative documents and sanctions
    • Ukraine: Legislation
    • Turkey: regulatory documents
    • Eurasian Economic Union: decisions and recommendations, preliminary tariff classification decisions
    • Belarus: legislation
    • Russia: legislation

Plus information on trade compliance enforcement actions, client alerts and articles, webinars and seminars, and recordings of past events.

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