Starting from 1 January 2020, employers in Russia will be required to keep electronic work records for employees, including information on job titles, functions, transfers, and dismissals.1

The transition to electronic employment record will be carried out throughout 2020:

  • Starting from 1 January 2020, employers will be required to submit to the Pension Fund records on their employee’s work activities.

  • By 30 June 2020, employers must notify employees about the above changes in the law.

  • By 31 December 2020, employees should provide their employer with a written statement specifying whether to retain their paper employment book or to keep only the electronic one. If an employee fails to submit such a statement, the employer shall continue to maintain the paper version.

From 1 January 2021, people who are employed for the first time will have their records kept only in electronic format.

Employers should inform their employees of the relevant changes, be prepared to amend local HR policies and agreements (including collective agreements), and put the necessary IT infrastructure in place.

We note that the Russian government is currently implementing a number of other initiatives to introduce electronic workflows in employment relations. We will keep you updated on key events.

1. Federal Law No. 439-FZ of December 16, 2019 "On Amendments to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation with regard to keeping information on employment history in electronic form."
Federal Law No. 436-FZ of December 16, 2019 "On Amendments to the Federal Law On Individual (Personified) Accounting in the Compulsory Pension Insurance System."


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