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Welcome to this 2018-2019 annual issue of our Asia Pacific Competition Highlights. We have prepared a practical overview of the most notable competition law developments to date that may affect your business operations in the region.

In this issue:


  • Australian authority pushes for record penalties
  • First criminal cartel charges launched against individuals
  • ACCC faces court challenge for opposing telecommunications merger
  • Calls for more ACCC powers and closer scrutiny of digital platforms


  • Four transactions refiled at SAMR request conditionally cleared
  • Interim rules on monopoly and abuse of market power published
  • SAMR strengthens enforcement against gun-jumping
  • Recent SAMR ruling expands abuse of dominance factors

Hong Kong

  • Competition Tribunal establishes key principles in first two landmark cases
  • Individuals in the firing line as Commission ups enforcement ante
  • HKCC provides guidance on information exchange in decision on sales survey


  • Amendments to Antimonopoly Law unlikely this year
  • Enforcement ramps up against late filings
  • Cartel actions continue
  • Investigation opened into ride-sharing industry


  • Japan to introduce new leniency regime
  • Draft amendments to merger review guidelines and policies announced
  • JFTC looks to strengthen antitrust regulations in digital markets


  • Merger control regime formalised for telecommunications sector
  • MyCC's landmark antitrust decisions upheld by the High Court
  • Antitrust guidance on IP rights issued
  • MyCC proposes USD 21 million fine for abusive practices by ride-sharing operator


  • Myanmar establishes Competition Commission


  • PCC resolves its first case on abuse of dominance
  • Authority can now carry out dawn raids


  • Three hotel operators fined for exchange of sensitive information
  • CCCS accepts additional voluntary commitments from lift spare parts suppliers
  • Merger of clinical laboratory service companies conditionally approved


  • Competition authority reverses infringement decision
  • Government watchdog finds TFTC negligent in handling of Qualcomm settlement
  • Ready-mix concrete suppliers fined USD 1.9 million for price-fixing


  • Independent Trade Competition Commission established in October 2017
  • Antitrust regulations issued in end of 2018
  • Agency guidance documents issued
  • Authority imposes first fines


  • Vietnam strengthens competition law with new amendments
  • Guidance on implementation of new antitrust law yet to be issued
  • New penalty rules for antitrust violations take effect 1 December 2019
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