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We are pleased to share the November 2019 issue of the Global VAT/GST Newsletter, a publication of Baker McKenzie's Tax Practice Group.

In this edition, we discuss the introduction by Italy of new reporting obligations for distance sales conducted through electronic interfaces, as well as the publication of a ruling by Spain's General Directorate of Taxes setting out the criteria to be met when seeking to apply the use and enjoyment provision under national law.

Further we also outline proposed changes to the Netherlands' VAT rules as part of Tax Plan 2020 and provide insight on the decision of the UK's First-tier Tribunal in American Express Services Europe, which highlights the importance of correctly determining the recipient of a supply of services.

In this issue:

  • China reduces VAT burden on taxpayers
  • European Union: Can VAT be deducted on expenses incurred in relation to financial operations where revenue from these is used to finance activities subject to VAT? 
  • Italy introduces new marketplace reporting requirements for distance sales facilitated through electronic interfaces
  • Luxembourg: Don't judge VAT by its cover!
  • The Netherlands proposes key VAT changes in Tax Plan 2020
  • Malaysian Budget 2020: Key indirect tax measures
  • Update on the Malaysian service tax on imported digital services 
  • Spanish General Directorate of Taxes sets criteria for applying use and enjoyment provision
  • Spanish Tax Court (TEAC) provides guidance on real estate transactions and the validity of data recorded in the Property Registry 
  • Federal Tax Authority issues public clarification on transfer of business in the UAE
  • UK: How to determine the actual recipient of the services: A two-step approach 
  • Venezuela introduces VAT exemption for payments on specific imports and services for the construction of "peace gymnasiums"

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