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New research from Baker McKenzie shows that a lack of consumer confidence in digital healthcare threatens to undermine industry efforts to expand. In our newest thought leadership report, Outside the Comfort Zone: Building Consumer Trust in Digital Healthcare, we learn that mistrust is driven by data security and privacy concerns, and a level of misunderstanding about existing regulations. In this report, we examine how the existing regulatory framework provides a path for pharmaceutical, medtech and technology companies to accelerate digital health innovation by building trust.

Key takeaways include: 

  • It is not sufficient to only provide reassurances that patient data is securely held and will not be used against patients. There is a real need to improve the level and quality of information being provided around data sharing and use of patient data. 
  • Privacy notices can form part of a data controller's overall brand strategy, and be a genuine means of reassuring consumers that a controller handles their data security concerns seriously. 
  • We can help build trust in the next generation of healthcare by increasing knowledge of the protections and frameworks already in place. 
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