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A busy month! Pensions hit the headlines early on with news that the High Court had dismissed a judicial review claim challenging the Government's decision to increase state pension ages for women in order to bring them into line with those for men. The end of the month saw the 187-page Pension Schemes Bill land with a large thump in Parliament. And there has been plenty going on in-between - CJEU decisions and industry guidance on GMP equalisation methodologies to name a few. Sit back as we take you through the highlights.

In this issue:

  • Government moves forward with implementing key pensions policy proposals
  • Industry guidance on GMP equalisation methodology published
  • CJEU rules that retrospective levelling down of benefits during the Barber window is not generally permitted
  • Regulatory round up: renewed focus on data, continued focus on dividends and updates to multi-employer guidance
  • No major changes proposed in the PPF consultation on levy rules for 2020/21
  • Master Trust Regulation: Lessons from South Africa
  • Autumn Breakfast Briefing - 6 November 2019
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