The rapid rise of the flexible workspace shows no signs of slowing, with co-working market estimated to represent over 30% of corporate real estate by 2030. The impact around this seismic shift is, and will continue to have a knock-on impact on where and how we work.

The ‘Space for Agility’ series provides some general insight and analysis and commentary into what this growing area means for corporate occupiers and their workforces that have - or are considering - utilizing these spaces, in the context of an evolving real estate and employment landscape. What is driving this shift, and where can we expect it to go next? Over the course of the series, we will also examine how businesses can protect their confidential information, trade secrets, data privacy, their brand and talent, while operating in these shared environments.

As well as occupier-related considerations, the series will also explore the different ways by which providers are diversifying the structure of their flexible workplaces business, and we will explore the M&A issues in acquiring co-working space providers as this sector grows and consolidates.

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