On 17 September 2019 Baker McKenzie, together with Accenture Interactive Amsterdam, hosted the third Shopping Tomorrow expert session on "Next Level E-commerce with Responsible AI." About 25 experts from major Dutch and international consumer goods and retail players gathered for a session on customer data usage under the European data protection laws (GDPR), particularly focusing on artificial intelligence in e-commerce.


AI Journey to Data Privacy Compliance

The expert group discussed two AI cases from their field of business and the bottlenecks they face becoming GDPR-ready. Many companies have vast amounts of data, CRMs, DMPs, data lakes and other (un)structured data environments that might provide valuable inputs to AI solutions.

The experts discussed their everyday experiences and best practices when it comes to implementing AI data solutions. Takeaways included the crucial role of "business champions" in the GDPR readiness journey, meaning involving besides the data privacy experts business people who experience the data usage challenges and opportunities in their everyday work.

Transparency Is King

Another crucial fact is the importance of communication, explaining "how" personal data is used in AI data solutions here is it very helpful to use visual communication, going beyond "paper tiger" privacy notice.


To demonstrate the potential of effective communication, Baker McKenzie invited a visual thinker — Jefta Bade to illustrate a real-life AI case brought to the table by the group of the experts. The case looked at the "online return process" challenges.

Artificial Intelligence — Yes, We Can!

Today, many companies take a very restrictive AI approach with respect to data privacy aspects. During the session, we gained the insight that many AI opportunities are feasible — key is being transparent about the data usage, going beyond what privacy laws require and giving customers real choices to object to the processing of their personal data.

About Shopping Tomorrow
Shopping Tomorrow is an active network for e-commerce professionals. Every year, about 600 e-commerce professionals participate in about 25 expert groups to conduct research on important trends and developments within the (e-)commerce sector. This year, Baker McKenzie and Accenture Interactive have joined forces to spark an expert group on "Next Level E-commerce with Responsible AI."
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