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The Global Equity Services "Clients & Friends Newsletter" addresses the latest developments related to the constantly evolving global patchwork of laws and regulations governing equity awards and other forms of incentive compensation around the world. This is the October 2019 edition.

In this issue: 

  • Jen Kirk Returns to Baker McKenzie 
  • GREAT (Global Regulatory Equity Tool) Is Coming
  • IPO Readiness Brochure 

Other news: 

  • Belgium - New Tax Exemption for Stock Distributions in US Spin-Offs
  • Canada -  Draft Legislation Limits 50% Deduction for Stock Options
  • China Extends Preferential Tax Treatment for Equity Income to Non-PRC Tax Residents
  • Colombia - New Public Offer Exemption
  • Croatia - Potential Favorable Tax Treatment for Awards Settled in Treasury Shares
  • Saudi Arabia - Updates on CMA Quarterly Reporting Requirements
  • Serbia - New Opinion from Serbian SEC Offers Hope for Equity Compensation Awards to Employees in Serbia
  • US - Impact of California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) on Employee Data
  • US - Glass Lewis Provides Subscription-Based Access to its Equity Compensation Plan Evaluation Process
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