The ease of starting an online business and the growing popularity of digital platforms for commercial sales are attracting more and more businesses to use e-commerce in Thailand. While the investment ecosystem for e-commerce may be attractive, it is important for companies wishing to start e-commerce ventures to be aware of legal requirements under the direct marketing law.

Businesses are reminded that, with very limited exemption, every new operator must apply for a direct marketing license before commencing an e-commerce business. The direct marketing license allows the business operator to have its own digital platform (such as a website or mobile application) on which sale and purchase transactions can be carried out.  Any person who wrongfully operates a direct marketing business without a license will be subject to penalties of imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year, or a fine not exceeding Baht 100,000, or both, and a daily fine not exceeding Baht 10,000 throughout the period of violation.

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