The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a historic marshalling of capital and a remarkable geopolitical foray into establishing and strengthening multinational trade corridors. It continues to evolve and expand with more than 130 countries now reported to have signed BRI agreements, including Central America and the Pacific, far beyond the traditional Silk Road routes.

With over US $440 billion of funding provided so far by Chinese financial institutions into BRI projects, it's an enterprise unlike anything seen on this scale for decades. It holds tremendous opportunities for business. Yet, seizing these opportunities requires a strong understanding of the economic, cultural and regulatory conditions of regional markets.

With 29 offices along the Belt and Road — more than any other law firm — and the award-winning Baker McKenzie FenXun Platform in China, we can help local companies and multinationals make the right connections and unlock the world’s most ambitious global development initiative. 

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