The footprint of flexible workplaces continues to expand as more and more global businesses embrace the modern workforce and the ever increasing options for work arrangements. The past three years alone has seen annual growth of 30% in this sector, with London and New York leading the charge, and other global cities in close pursuit.

Co-working or work-share offices afford global businesses the flexibility they need in this dynamic economic and political climate, where we are witnessing technological advancement moving at an unprecedented pace and transforming how and where work is done.

The ‘Space for Agility’ series will seek to provide some general insight and analysis into what this growing area means for corporate occupiers and their workforces that have - or are considering - utilizing these spaces, in the context of an evolving employment landscape. Over the course of the series, we will also examine how businesses can protect their confidential information, trade secrets, data privacy, their brand and talent, while operating in these shared environments. The series will also explore M&A issues in acquiring co-working space providers as this sector grows and consolidates.

The first article in the series, 'Where to from here? The Rise of the Flexible Workspace' focusses on key trends and opportunities emerging around the modern workplace.

If you have any questions about the guide, please contact Abigail Co (Knowledge Management) or George Healy (BD and Marketing).


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