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We are pleased to enclose the September issue of Tax News and Developments, a publication of Baker McKenzie's North America Tax Practice Group. This month's edition provides discussions on proposed regulations on cloud transactions and those involving digital content, a victory in the Schneider Electric Tax Court case, the Ninth Circuit decision in Amazon v. Commissioner, and more.

In this issue

  • A Preview of Treasury's Approach to the Digitalized Economy?
  • Schneider Electric Victory
  • Ninth Circuit Delivers for Amazon on Interpretation of “Intangible” in 1995 Cost Sharing Regulations
  • Out in the Open: Overseas Entities Owning UK Real Estate Must Reveal Who Owns and Controls Them
  • The New Ki(D) on the Block: Business Partners May Split up via a Tax-Free “D” Reorganization
  • Canada Introduces New Stock Option Legislation Applying to Stock Options Granted on or After 1 January 2020
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