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Our Q3 issue acknowledges the importance of trade secrets protection to the aerospace and defense industries, offers 10 Best Practices for Trade Secret Protection, and considers the rationale for making it an essential element of an effective compliance program.

We recap OFAC’s July 2019 guidance to the civil aviation industry on compliance with US sanctions measures targeting Iran.

Part II of our arbitration series outlines twenty-five practical tips for successfully converting an arbitral award into money.

We summarize key takeaways from our last two Aerospace & Defense Luncheons addressing commercial and compliance risks in conducting due diligence in M&A transactions and practical tips for FCPA compliance in light of the recent DOJ guidance. And we highlight our October 29, 2019 luncheon at which we will address the upcoming Canadian election and its implications for aerospace and defense companies and the US-Canada relationship.

In this issue:

  • Trade Secret Protection & Compliance Considerations
  • OFAC Issues Iran-Related Civil Aviation Industry Advisory
  • Part II: Getting Your Arbitral Award Paid: Twenty-Five Practical Pointers for Success
  • A&D Luncheon Series
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