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EMEA Tax Transactions

The 2019 edition of the EMEA Tax Transactions Guide is intended to support you at the early stages of the M&A process, particularly in assessing the risks and opportunities of intended transactions in the current uncertain international tax environment. The aim of the Guide is to provide you with basic information regarding the taxation of transactions taking place — or involving entities established — in a number of EMEA jurisdictions.

Each country chapter compares, in general terms, the tax consequences of acquisitions through asset deals versus acquisitions through share deals. Financing issues are also briefly addressed from a tax angle, and the opportunities for debt pushdown are highlighted. Country chapters also address the tax aspects of holding the investment, as well as its future disposal (exit strategies). Finally, the basic tax regime for restructuring operations and pre-transaction carve-outs is briefly described, and country chapters also indicate whether special holding or investment regimes exist in the relevant jurisdiction.

European Inbound Tax

The 2019 edition of the European Inbound Tax Guide is aimed at the new range of investors from some of the world’s emerging economies, who are looking to Europe for investment opportunities, and at the more established investors, such as businesses, institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds and other overseas governments for whom Europe remains a prime investment target.

The guide outlines the tax consequences of inward investment by an external investor in each of the featured countries. In every case, we provide an overview of the main features of the tax system, the tax and finance consequences of setting up and financing a business, acquiring a business, withholding and exit taxes, rulings and other specific features of the tax system that would be relevant to an investor, including investment incentives and anti-abuse rules.

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