On June 18, 2019, President Macri issued the Executive Order 423/2019, calling for a national and international public tender to award the construction, maintenance and operation of Urquiza and Belgrano Norte Lines of the metropolitan rail system.

The Executive Order provides that the project will be performed under a new contractual structure that binds the State and the private sector. To that end, it states that Operadora Ferroviaria S.E., Administración de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias S.E. and the National Commission of Transport Regulation will provide advice and collaboration to the Secretariat of Transportation Management and the Secretariat of Transportation Planning, in the development of this new contract structure.

The Ministry of Transportation will be the one authorized to approve the General Tender Terms and Conditions, the Particular Tender Conditions, the Tender Technical Specifications, the Rules applicable to the project and the Schedule of Work.

Lastly, the Executive Order authorizes the Ministry of Transportation to extend the term of the Contracts executed with Metrovías S.A. and Ferrovías S.A., until the winning bidders take control of the operation of the Belgrano Norte and Urquiza railway services. In exercise of the latter authorization, on the same date (June 18, 2019), the Ministry of Transportation issued General Resolutions 359/2019 and 360/2019 through which it extended the term of the contracts with Metrovías S.A. and Ferrovías S.A until March 31, 2012, or until the winning bidder takes possession of the service, whichever happens first.

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