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Earlier this month, the Executive Branch issued Executive Order No. 332/2019 increasing five times the statistical fee for imports  fixing the fee at a rate of 2.5 % for all import entries (which is set to be in place until December 2019).

Such increase was faced with harsh criticism by the importing sector since it seemed to apply to all imports, even those that were declared merely on a temporary basis or under special promotional regimes.

Following such criticism, the Executive Branch published today Executive Order No. 361/2019, granting an exemption to imports falling under any of the following customs regimes:

  • Merchandise imported on a temporary basis
  • Capital assets imported to be used in oil and gas non-conventional project
  • Merchandise imported under any of the following promotional regimes:
    • Regime of Used Production Lines (Executive Order No. 1174/2016)
    • Regime of Used Goods for the Oil & Gas Industry (Executive Order No. 629/2017)
    • Regime for the importation of Used Goods the so-called CIBU for its acronym in Spanish (Resolution No. 909/1994)
    • Promotional Regime for the importation of assets to be used in Large Investment Projects (Resolution No. 256/2000)
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