The Indonesian Drugs and Food Supervisory Agency ("BPOM") has released a press release on its website in response to the rampant illegal selling of ethical drugs online.

The following are some of the key points of the press release:

  • BPOM has taken several actions to eradicate the unauthorized selling of drugs online, including conducting routine supervision of drug sales in the market, and regularly participating in Pangea Operation by ICPO INTERPOL since 2011. BPOM also has a special strategy called cyber patrol, a periodic supervision of drugs that are sold through marketplaces and social media.
  • Since 2011, BPOM has reported more than 2,217 sites/account to the Ministry of Communication and Informatics to be taken down/blocked due to selling drugs online which are not in accordance with BPOM regulations. In 2018 BPOM also recommended 100 sites that are selling and promoting Trivam to the Ministry of Communication and Informatics to be taken down. Trivam is a drug approved by BPOM used as an anesthesia, but is often misused for conducting crimes
  • BPOM has made 139 reports consisting of independent reports on websites, social media and e-commerce that sell drugs containing active misoprostol substance that are misused and promoted as an abortion drug online.
  • BPOM generally discouraged consumers from buying and consuming drugs that are sold online due to the lack of information available for the consumers. BPOM emphasizes that ethical drugs can only be bought under the supervision of a medical doctor and based on a prescription.
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