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We have seen announcements from all the major regulators of the Australian economy and financial system, confirming their position that climate change is a material financial risk and must be treated as such by company boards, as well as by trustees.

Baker McKenzie, Ndevr Environmental and AECOM have prepared a decision-maker's guide to navigating this terrain: understanding what climate risks and opportunities are; the legal obligations around disclosure and management of those risks; and practical information about how to meet these obligations. We are pleased to share this resource with you as part of our ongoing client support efforts.

Identifying and assessing climate-related risks and opportunities requires a bespoke approach, tailored to the specific circumstances of each company. This is equally true of the appropriate legal approach to take when amending company documents, and to determining whether disclosures will meet legal requirements. Please do not hesitate to contact Baker McKenzie should you wish to learn more about how this increasingly important governance issue applies to your specific organisation.

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