There are currently no major hub airports in Poland or Central & Eastern Europe. Warsaw Chopin Airport, the largest airport in this part of the continent, does not rank among the top 30 European airports by passengers per year. Thus passengers travelling from Poland (especially in case of intercontinental flights) must fly with transfers. The main hubs handling traffic from Poland are Frankfurt and Munich, London Heathrow, Paris Charles de Gaulle, Amsterdam, Moscow Sheremetyevo, Dubai, and Doha.

However, due to the fast growth of local demand for air transport (much faster than the European average), the lack of regional hubs, and increasing congestion of Western European airports, Poland has the potential to join the group of countries with their own large transfer hub. This won’t be possible, however, without a significant expansion of airport infrastructure, as the current infrastructure is not able to fulfil that role.

The Central Transport Hub (CTH; Polish: Centralny Port Komunikacyjny or CPK), a flagship infrastructure project of the Law & Justice (PiS) government, is a project that on one hand is supposed to increase the capacity of air traffic from central Poland, as required to promote growth.

This report, Central Transport Hub: Building Poland’s New Transfer Airport, seeks to identify challenges related to CTH construction and to initiate a broad, depoliticized debate concerning the method of constructing this airport for it to function correctly and generate benefits on the local, national and EU level.

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