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In our Q2 Bullet, we discuss the recent guidance by the DOJ for corporate compliance programs. While content is not new, the updated guidance pulls together relevant material from a variety of sources, providing a comprehensive primary reference for program design and implementation. We also highlight OFAC’s recently released “Framework for Compliance Commitments,” outlining OFAC's expectations for effective sanctions compliance programs (SCPs) – confirming the importance that OFAC attaches to SCPs in resolving enforcement actions.

We summarize key takeaways from two recent programs addressing best practices for international joint ventures and supply chain risks in emerging markets. And we offer practical tips for drafting effective arbitration clauses for commercial agreements – an in-house CLE course developed by one of our arbitration specialists that can be tailored to address a company’s specific contracts and agreements.

In this issue:

  • DOJ Updated Guidance on Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs
  • OFAC Publishes "A Framework for Compliance Commitments"
  • Protecting Against Commercial and Compliance Risks in International Joint Ventures: Key Takeaways
  • Supply Chain Risks & Rewards In Emerging Markets
  • Practical Tips for Drafting Arbitration Clauses
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