Data is a critical asset for any business seeking to compete and thrive in today's globally connected economy. Monetizing data is a must. But doing so in compliance with ever more complex and often inconsistent personal data and security laws that continuously evolve around the world is a tremendous challenge for multinational companies. At the same time, regulators are stepping up enforcement activities and consumers increasingly expect transparent and responsible handling of their personal data. The risk profile of non-compliant data practices has never been higher. 

Baker McKenzie is pleased to bring you our 2019 Global Data Privacy & Security Handbook which now combines and consolidates our renowned privacy related handbooks into one resource. We have revised our content to make it more concise, comparable and practice-relevant while still providing detailed overviews of the increasingly complex and sophisticated data privacy and security standards in around 50 countries.

For inquiries, please contact Anna von Dietze (Knowledge Management) or Kay Gemzon (BD and Marketing).

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