Attitudes to car ownership are changing with consumers moving to sharing rides and costs. The rapid changes in mobility present opportunities to companies operating or wishing to enter new markets.

Ridesharing regulations continue to vary across jurisdictions and our Global Ridesharing Survey offers insights into ridesharing regulations in 28 jurisdictions across the world. With the exception of Japan, Taiwan and Hungary, rideshare business is permitted and has become very common; however, even among those jurisdictions, there are only a few countries which explicitly permit rideshare business by laws/regulations and specify requirements to operate it. Japanese versions are available for jurisdictions such as China, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore and Taiwan.

The tool is an easy-to-search online summary of regulations which aims to aid companies that are currently operating or that wish to enter and compete in the ever-evolving market. It covers the following topics:

  • The type of license or permission required to operate
  • Who is required to purchase automotive insurance
  • Labor related laws
  • Changes to local laws and regulations

Compare and contrast the regulations across countries in an interactive platform that lets you export and download the content in readable format.


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