Under a new federal law that enters into force on February 17, 2019, companies in Russia will have two weeks to inform state authorities about employees and potential hires who are required to register with their local military conscription office but have not done so1. Previously such information had to be provided only at the request of a military conscription office2.

During the hiring process, the company employee responsible for military registration is obliged to check the candidate's passport for entries concerning their military obligations, and must check for the existence and authenticity of military registration documents3.

Employers of Russian citizens who are required to enroll in the military register are obligated to instruct such employees to report in person to the relevant conscription office.

Company officials currently face an administrative fine of up to 1,000 rubles (USD 15) if they fail to report on employees who are not enrolled in the military register but should be4. If a company has not appointed a person responsible for the military registration of its employees, the head of the company will be held liable. While this fine is small, an outstanding administrative record can cause difficulties – particularly for foreign citizens when obtaining migration documents such as Russian visas or work permits, which in turn may negatively affect their employer's business plans.


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