Data is essential to your business. A clear vision and strategy on data privacy offers great opportunities, whilst ensuring data protection (GDPR) compliance.

We are globally experienced and locally qualified. We understand your business is unique. We therefore provide tailormade data privacy solutions, practical solutions for actual issues. Together, we work out your strategic privacy ambitions and assess which data processes are vital to your business.

With 180 lawyers, advisors, economists, we offer Dutch and foreign multinationals local and cross-border legal and data protection advice. Known in the market for our innovative, pragmatic approach, we help clients seize opportunities, mitigate risks and resolve complex business, legal and tax issues.

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The introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) put data protection and privacy under the regulatory heat-map. Moreover, GDPR increases data privacy awareness and the expectations of internal and external stakeholders.

We are an experienced and recognized global data privacy team, and we offer solutions across a wide range of industries. We advise clients on their data privacy matters seamlessly. We do so at all stages in the data lifecycle, helping organizations prepare for increasingly stricter data privacy legislation and setting up data privacy frameworks accordingly.

Our data privacy capabilities focus on four basic aspects:

  • Creating business value by developing a data privacy framework focusing on the client's business-, customer- and product-portfolio
  • Risk-based approach, focusing on the client’s main operational, financial and reputational data privacy risks, e.g: hacking, reputation damage, forced systems shutdown, customer churn and regulatory fines
  • Enabling the client to become a data privacy performer through knowledge transfer, by aligning with the client's organizational resources, and drawing them together to create a cohesive and experienced team 
  • Best practice and tooling will be applied to efficiently support the organization, implementing an effective data privacy framework
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