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In our first issue of 2019, we discuss Italy's anti-corruption law that took effect January 31, implementing material changes to Italy’s criminal law and civil code. We take note of a new FAA rule proposal that would allow commercial operators to fly unmanned aircraft system operations previously restricted without an individualized waiver. We highlight the January 29 global launch of our "Connected Compliance" tool, allowing companies to benchmark compliance performance against more than 1,300 multinational organizations and garner bespoke recommendations. We recap takeaways from our January Aerospace & Defense luncheon ("Supply Chain Risks"), and preview luncheons in February ("International Arbitration Issue in the Middle East") and March ("Current Security Challenges Facing the US and its NATO Allies – Implications for A&D Companies").

In This Issue:

  • Italy's New Anti-Corruption Law
  • FAA Unveils New Proposals for Commercial Drone Operations at Night and Over People
  • Global Rollout of Connected Compliance
  • Aerospace & Defense Luncheon Series
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