This past Friday, 4 January 2019, the Law No. 27,491 was enacted. The Law had been passed by Congress as part of a national public policy campaign to control diseases through vaccination. Vaccination was declared to be of national interest and the National Vaccination Calendar established as mandatory for all inhabitants of the country.

The Law has certain implications in labor relations:

  1. Firstly, it sets forth a paid vaccination leave. It applies to both the worker who will receive the vaccine and to parents, guardians, curators, legal representatives or anyone responsible for the vaccination of boys, girls, teenagers or disabled persons who may be under those responsible individuals' charge.
    The worker's absence when in either of the situations described above will be justified with the certificate of vaccine application, issued by an authorized care center. Therefore, such absence will not represent any salary loss or discount. The absence must have been beforehand agreed with and authorized by the employer.
  2. Secondly, the Law sets forth the mandatory application of certain vaccines to be decided by the competent authority for those workers of laboratories who may be exposed to biological samples that may contain microorganisms, to be prevented through vaccination.
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