What are the people implications of Brexit under a no-deal scenario compared to what is likely to happen if a deal can be reached? Download our full analysis of the implications for employees, including the impact on the right to travel and work across the EU, employment rights and social security.

In summary

  • Little change is expected to UK employment rights in the immediate to short term on Brexit whether or not a deal is reached.
  • A 'No-deal' scenario is likely to have an immediate impact on employee mobility and European Works Councils but not on employment rights more generally.
  • In a 'No-deal' scenario, EU citizens in the UK on or before Exit Day will be able to apply to remain using the new EU Settlement Scheme, but there will be no EU-wide scheme for dealing with UK nationals in the EU who will need to check what arrangements have been put in place by their host jurisdiction.
  • If a deal is reached, there will be a transition period during which all EU employment law and free movement rights will continue to apply.
  • Despite long term scope for future watering-down or dismantling of EU-derived worker rights, this is not the current UK government's stated intention and any future trading agreement may involve some form of continuing commitment to shared employment standards.

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