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Welcome to the January 2019 edition of Baker McKenzie's International Trade Compliance Update.

Here are the highlights for this edition:

  •  WTO: UK post Brexit service commitments, trade policy reviews, new DSB disputes, update on DSB activities, TBT notifications
  •  WCO: news
  • CITES: updates
  • Canada: pilot of e-communications advance rulings project, implementation of CPTPP, assessment of Canada-US-Mexico Agreement, advance rulings, updates on D-Memoranda and Customs Notices
  • Mexico: CPTPP rules published, Northern Border Zone activities
  • USA: Proclamation modifying HTS, national emergency extended, US-China tariff war truce, signing of USMCA, 2019 Special 301 review, US-Japan FTA objectives, 301 exclusions granted, delay in 301 tariff increase, federal partial shutdown, ITC rule on duty suspensions and reductions, US-UK FTA investigation started, duty-free Haitian imports, civil penalty adjustments, CBP 21st Century Framework, modernized drawback regulations issued, procurement determinations, EAPA notices, 301 exclusions, year-end procedures, DOE eliminates end-use reporting for LNG exports, DOE contracts for LNG exports, ATF bans bump-stock-type devices, explosives list, OFAC/State to lift certain sanctions, Magnitsky Act report, BIS emerging technology, impact of CWC on legitimate pharmaceutical activities, FDA food labeling, AMS labeling of bio-engineered food
  • Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru: legislative and regulatory updates
  • Australia: CPTPP implementation, notices
  • China: CEPA agreement with Macao, potential risk for companies because of US Iranian sanctions and export controls, MOFCOM/GAC notices, Hong Kong notices to exporters
  • India: plant quarantine regulations, TBT responses, DSB proposals, HS changes in WTO schedules, telecommunications equipment requirements, CBIC and DGFT notices, circulars and instructions.
  • Japan: EU-Japan EPA, removal or Eritrea from export control order
  • Korea: approval of revised KORU
  • New Zealand: new rates for tobacco, CPTPP guides
  • Singapore: CPTPP circulars
  • Thailand: direct sales and direct marketing
  • EU-EFTA: Council extends Russian sanctions, crack down on illicit trade in cultural goods, EU-Japan FTA, EFTA-Indonesia FTA signed
  • Switzerland: FTA with Indonesia, future economic and trade relations with the UK
  • UK: submits WTO goods and services schedules, Brexit update, legislative and administrative instruments
  • Turkey: legislative and administrative update
  • Ukraine: legislative update
  • Eurasian Economic Union: Council and Board decisions
  • Russia: expands Ukrainian sanctions list, changes in personal use importation norms, legislative updates
  • Africa: Status of Africa Continental FTA
  • South Africa: Customs and Excise rules and tariff amendments

Plus our regular listings of trade compliance actions, newsletters and client alerts, webinars, WTO TBT notifications, 337 actions, AD/CVD and safeguard actions from US, Canada, Mexico, the EU, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, China, India and well as legislative updates from the Canada Gazette, Mexico Diario Oficial, US Federal Register, Argentine Official Bulletin, Brazil CAMEX and SECEX, Official Gazettes from Chile, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey and Ukraine, European Official Journal, Russian legislation and South African materials.

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