Resolution 341/2018 ("Resolution") implemented the Promotion Regime for Distributed Generation ("Regime"), enacted by Law 27,424 ("Law"), which promotes the generation of electricity from renewable source by users of the distribution network, for self-consumption, and eventual injection of surpluses into the network.

The Resolution differentiates the Users-Generators according to the power with which they connect to the distribution network, being able to connect their equipment to the network up to a power equivalent to the one contracted with the distributor for their demand.

The main points covered by the Resolution are:

  • The procedure for the user to install and obtain the connection of their equipment to the network. The installation of the equipment must be guaranteed by qualified installers and carried out through the Digital Platform of Public Access.
  • Technical criteria for (i) power reserve, (ii) installation and (iii) commissioning of distributed generation equipment.
  • The electricity generation agreement under the Regime ("Agreement") will not have a termination, except for causes established by the Resolution. This Agreement will be accessory to the original agreement between the user and the distributor for the demand of electricity supply.
  • In relation to the Agreement, the Resolution establishes (i) the rights and obligations of the distributor, (ii) the rights and obligations of the User-Generator, (iii) the assignment of the Agreement or the change of ownership, (iv) the causes for suspension, and (v) the causes for termination of the Agreement.
  • The billing scheme, which must follow the guidelines established in the Regime and will be in charge of the distributor. At the end of each period, the User-Generator will receive an invoice detailing the volume of the energy demanded, as well as the energy injected, and the prices corresponding to each unit.
  • Under the credit scheme, if the difference between the monetary value of the injected energy and that of the demanded energy shows a positive balance in favor of the User-Generator, the credit in favor of this will be automatically imputed in the invoice for the period following that to which said credit generated.
  • Accession to the Regime does not prevent local jurisdictions from establishing complementary promotion measures.
  •  The projects must be registered for informative purposes in the National Register of Users-Generators of Renewable Energies (RENUGER).
  • Electric power distributors must declare monthly to the agency in charge of dispatch (OED), the values of the energy injected by the Users-Generators into the distribution network resulting from the surplus generated by renewable sources.
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