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In the autumn of 2017, we spoke with more than 500 UK multinationals about their attitudes to compliance. This year, for the second edition of Connected Compliance we have expanded our research internationally, gathering data from 800 business leaders across the US, Canada, Brazil, Hong Kong, China, Spain and Germany.

We explored the connectivity of teams globally and we examined where regional and cultural differences are affecting attitudes to compliance.  This new tranche of the Connected Compliance initiative looks specifically at:

  • The transition from a policy to an ethics-based approach;
  • The dangers of acquiring a problem or non-compliant behavior during the M&A process;
  • The interconnectivity of supply chain relationships.

Once again, we found that a 'connected' approach – where organizations work in a collaborative, agile, strategic and effective manner – offered the greatest return to the wider business, with growing companies leveraging compliance to their competitive advantage.

But despite clear commercial incentives to integrate compliance, organisations are consistently struggling to connect across their businesses, regardless of jurisdiction, while also struggling to connect across borders. In fact, only one in five companies manage compliance in a broadly integrated way. In this year's report, we look at the global data, noting the successes and pitfalls in each critical dimension of compliance capability. We also explore where regional differences exist and what companies in one jurisdiction can learn from their international neighbours.

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Country factsheets

We have also created a series of country-specific factsheets analysing the key findings from our survey across 7 jurisdictions.

Brazil Canada China/Hong Kong
Germany Spain United Kingdom
United States
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