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We feature updates on Tax Policy, proposed regs under Section 956, 163(j) and Foreign Tax Credits, along with updates in State and Local Tax.

In This Issue:

  • Lame Duck May End with a Whimper, but 2019 Will be a Busy Year in Tax Policy
  • Proposed Regulations Reduce Income Inclusions for CFC Shareholders
  • TCJA - So Many Questions, So Little Time
  • Communications With Accountants Hired By Tax Counsel Are Privileged Under Kovel
  • Treasury Issues Proposed Regulations Limiting Interest Deductibility
  • Proposed Foreign Tax Credit Regulations
  • Pennsylvania Court Finds IP Not Subject to Sales Tax
  • Supreme Court of Canada Sides with Lenders: The Callidus Decision
  • Multinational Supply Chains and Intangible Assets Under the Australian Taxation Office’s Microscope
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