Next Saturday, 1 December  2018 is a mandatory day off in observance of article 74 of the Federal Labor Law for the transfer of Federal Office. This holiday is observed every six years and this 2018 is for the beginning of the Presidential term of Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Employees whose work shift includes Saturdays as a regular workday are eligible to enjoy the day off with the payment of full salary.

Employees who are asked to work on the holiday would become eligible to receive regular salary plus an additional 200%. Employees who have a fixed work shift that is distributed in less days per week, for example from Monday thru Friday, in our opinion they are not eligible for any additional payment and it is not mandatory to grant an additional day off due to the coincidence between a weekly day off and a Holiday.

As with other holidays, it is common to agree to exchange the day off for another date. In such case, the exchange can be made with the employee's individual consent.

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