In the wake of the #HeForShe movement, California recently became the first US state to require companies to put female directors on their corporate boards.

Supporters of the law make a convincing business case for gender diversity, citing rigorous research findings showing companies where women are represented at board or top-management levels are also the companies that perform best financially. Beyond the business case however, there is also a sense that increased representation is critical to discussions and decisions affecting corporate culture and ensuring workplace respect and dignity.

Beyond California – Board Level D&I Initiatives Around the Globe

Now is the time to focus on building a strong corporate culture of equality and respect. California is advancing a trend started in Australia and a number of European countries in recognizing the importance of gender-balanced corporate boards. Germany, Italy and the Netherlands all have initiatives in place to boost corporate board representation. The below table briefly outlines the current status of various countries tackling this issue.



Innovative Solutions for Creating and Maintaining a Respectful Workplace

How We Can Help

Strong diversity and inclusion performance is essential in today's business environment. Baker McKenzie is uniquely positioned to guide companies in developing globally compliant corporate diversity and inclusion initiatives, including board compliance issues.



Policies & Practices

We provide employers with the policies and best practices necessary to achieve their diversity program objectives.

We review employer policies, handbooks, reporting and investigations procedures and Codes of Conduct to ensure compliance with local, state and federal laws and regulations.

We counsel clients on developing and implementing effective and compliant diversity strategies that protect the corporate brand and reputation, expand business opportunities and create a competitive advantage by strengthening relationships with customers, employees, stockholders, regulators and the general public.




Compliance Audits & Strategic Action Plans

We can help you take a comprehensive look at where your company stands in relation to numerous diversity and inclusion trends and regulations.

Our custom compliance audits can be completed online in a secure environment or downloaded and completed in hard copy.

We also have software available in-house to assess risks relating to:

  • US Pay Equity (either focused on gender pay specifically or broader equity issues)
  • OUS Global Pay Equity Audits involving multiple jurisdictions

We regularly lead attorney-client privileged proactive pay analyses and craft appropriate remedial strategies designed to mitigate future risk.

We do all we can to help multinational and domestic employers avoid litigation. When this is not possible, we also have deep experience defending employers in high-stakes class actions, collective actions or single-plaintiff litigation.




Customized Workforce Training

Training tailored to your workforce for managers and non-managers.

We can conduct customized training courses for your workplace, or if preferred, train the trainers responsible for doing so. General HR trainings we offer include:

  • Anti-Discrimination
  • Global Respect and Dignity
  • HR Data Management
  • HR Disability Accommodations
  • Internal Investigations Training for HR
  • Sexual Harassment Training for Managers and Employees


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