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Welcome to the November 2018 edition of Baker McKenzie's International Trade Compliance Update. Here are the highlights:

  • WTO: Ministerial conference; Australia joins Government Procurement Agreement (GPA), UK’s GPA process progresses, trade policy review – Vanuatu, disputes updates, WTO TBT notifications
  • WCO: 62nd HSC session, news
  • Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for the Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP): ratified by 6 countries – will enter into force on Dec. 30, 2018, rules of origin article
  • Canada: ratifies CPTPP, US Surtax Remission Order, steel safeguards, D-Memos and Customs Notices
  • Mexico: USMCA
  • USA: GSP Proclamation and updates, national emergencies, UK, EU and Japan trade agreements, WTO disputes, HTSUS updates, USMCA review by ITC, sec. 232 rebuttal procedures, drawback rules ordered by CIT, CBP interest rates, CBP 301 rulings, Craft Beverage procedures, CSMS messages, Iraqi vessel restrictions, AES updates, Wassenaar updates, OFAC designates Iranian SDNs, OFAC updates, interim FIRRMA rules and CFIUS pilot, CAATSA sanctions, ITAR revisions, USDA GAIN reports, CITA request and AGOA updates, softwood lumber inquiry
  • Australia: ratification of CPTPP
  • China: MOFCOM and Customs notices
  • India: Anti-dumping report, IPR, WTO notifications, CBIC and DGFT notifications
  • Malaysia: article- Is Malaysia Back on Track with the CPTPP?
  • New Zealand: ratification of CPTPP and PACER Plus trade agreements, changes to explosive import requirements
  • Singapore: North Korean sanctions updates, India-Singapore CECA rules
  • Vietnam: compulsory e-invoices
  • Europe: Trade agreements report, 2019 Combined Nomenclature, EU-Singapore ties, beef negotiations with US, EFTA-US dialogue, update of dual-use controls, chemical weapons, duties on aircraft goods, money launde ing, WCO 61st HSC outcomes
  • Czech Republic: Customs legislation
  • Switzerland: Pangea XI, Myanmar sanctions
  • United Kingdom: sanctions policy if no Brexit deal, OFSI annual review, HRMC and DIT notices • Turkey: export proceeds, traditional herbal medical draft rules, medical foods draft rules
  • Russia: countersanctions against Ukraine
  • South Africa: product exclusions from US sec. 232 tariffs

PLUS our regular legislative and regulatory updates from the Canada Gazette, Mexican Diario Oficial, US Federal Register, Argentine Official Bulletin, Brazil CAMEX and SECEX, EU Official Journal, Turkish Official Gazette, EAEU documents, Russian legislation, South African secondary legislation

AND CBP rulings and EU classification regulations, US 337 cases, ADD/CVD cases from USA, Canada, Mexico, NAFTA panels, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, China, India

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