1.    Abolishment of work permit requirement for Croatian nationals

The requirement for employees of Croatian nationality to have a work permit to perform activities in the Netherlands has expired. Croatia became member of the European Union in July 2013. Existing EU Member States were given the opportunity to continue work authorization requirements (i.e., the need for a work permit) for a temporary period of time. Until 1 July 2018, the Netherlands made use of this exemption to the general rule that EU nationals are free to reside and work in any EU Member State. Croatian nationals can now rely on this general rule, similar to any other EU national.

2.    Financial threshold for non-EU interns

The required compensation for interns who are required to have residence and work authorization to do their internship in the Netherlands has changed as of 23 May 2018. If you offer an internship to a non-EU national who is in education abroad, you must ensure that his/her total income either equals or exceeds 50% of the minimum wage applicable for employees of the age of 22 or older (currently EUR 1,594.20 gross per month). Note that statutory minimum wages are indexed twice per year (1 January and 1 July).

3.    Internship for non-EU graduates

The Dutch regulation for the hiring of non-EU interns has been expanded. In addition to students studying in a Bachelor's or Master's program, you can now offer an internship to non-EU graduates. The following conditions must be met:

  • The internship does not replace a regular work position.
  • The internship agreement includes a description of the internship program, the educational goals of the internship and the learning components thereof.
  • The individual graduated with a Bachelor or Master's degree within the two-year period prior to his/her residence/work permit application.

4.    Expansion of maximum working hours for students

Non-EU students who are in education in the Netherlands were allowed to spend a maximum of 10 hours per week in a part-time job. This maximum has gone up to 16 hours per week. Work permits that were granted previously based on the 10-hour maximum will be assumed to have been issued for the 16-hour maximum.

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