By means of Communication “B” 11752, the Central Bank modified the schedule applicable to the filings, extending the expiration dates of the 2018 quarterly filings related to the main sample.

Accordingly, the current expiration schedule for the filings is detailed below:

  1. Main Sample:
    • First quarter of 2018: 11/13/2018
    • Second quarter of 2018: 12/14/2018
    • Third quarter of 2018: 01/15/2019
    • Fourth quarter of 2018: 02/14/2019
  2. Secondary and complementary sample:
    • Annual 2017: 11/28/2018.

The remaining maturities are governed in accordance with Communication "A" 6401, which provides for the following maturities: (a) 180 calendar days counted as from the end of the reference calendar year, for annual filings; and (b) 45 calendar days counted as from the end of the reference quarter, for quarterly filings.

In December 2017, the Argentine Central Bank issued Communication "A" 6401, establishing a new information regime named "Survey on Foreign Assets and Debts". This regime replaced the "Survey on Issuance of Securities and Other External Liabilities of the Private Sector" and the "Survey on Direct Investments Abroad and in Argentina".

Subsequently, by means of Communication "B" 11712, the Central Bank informed that the filing of the information regarding the Survey on Foreign Assets and Debts shall be done through the electronic form available on the website of the Federal Tax Authority. In turn, it set forth the schedule for the filing of the information which was modified by Communication B” 11729 and recently by Communication “B” 11752.

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