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Welcome to the September 2018 edition of Baker McKenzie's International Trade Compliance Update.

The highlights of this Update are:

  • WTO: Challenges to US safeguards, 232 and 301 tariffs; updates, TBT notifications
  • WCO: Agenda for 62nd HSC session, news
  • Panama: free tourist area; migration from SICE to SIGA system
  • Canada: consultation on steel diversion
  • US: NAFTA updates; exclusions from 232 quotas; increase in tariffs on Turkish steel, continuation of export controls; CFIUS update; AGOA updates; new Russian sanctions; US requests WTO retaliation against Indonesia; USTR’s requests for comments on China’s and Russia’s WTO compliance, trade mergers, notorious markets, GSP for Turkey; updates on 301 actions; HTSUS updates; ITC releases “Year in Trade 2017” report; restrictions on imports of Mexican fish; CBP interim rule on alcohol tax refunds; proposed drawback regulations; COBRA (user) fees; retroactive GSP claims; EAR missile technology revisions; FTC guides revised
  • China: tariffs on US goods (list 2)
  • India: safeguards; food standards; agricultural imports
  • Laos: adopts 2017 ASEAN tariff
  • New Zealand: new Customs law and regulations; provisional values; motor spirits duties; trade for all consultations
  • Vietnam: tax law
  • EU: blocking regulation; Czech VAT exemption for import/export services; Irish proposed “settlements” bill; UK seeks Russian sanctions for chemical use; UK export control order and Parliamentary reports
  • Turkey: new tariffs on US goods
  • Gulf Cooperation Council: managing new VAT law
  • Plus CBP revocations and modifications of rulings, the regular updates on AD/CVD matters and trade matters from the Canada Gazette, Diario Oficial (Mexico), US Federal Register, EU Official Journal, Turkish Official Gazette and many other countries.
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