On 6 September 2018, Resolution No. 580/2018 enacted by the National Ministry of Modernization (the Resolution) was published in the Official Gazette.

The Resolution approves the Regulation on Quality Standards applicable to providers of Information Technology Services (Reglamento de Calidad de los Servicios de Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones).

Basically, this Resolution sets forth: (i) the quality standards applicable to IT/C wireless and non-wireless services; (ii) quality indicators applicable to customer services and network operability; (iii) systems to calculate quality indicators; (iv) a minimum 3-year term to keep record of data useful to calculate quality indicators in electronic files; and (v) the obligation to make the quality indicators publicly available within the service provider’s website.

We are available to expand on this new regulation and potential impact in the day to day operations

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