EU proposes rules to simplify and digitalize business across borders

Will companies be formed online everywhere in the EU? If it is up to the European Commission, the answer is yes. As part of its 'Company Law Package', the Commission recently proposed two directives, one of which promotes the digitalization of company law.

This directive would require all member states to offer the possibility of forming and registering a limited liability company fully online. Currently, only 17 member states offer an online procedure.

Nine tips to improve post-acquisition integration

In our January and April newsletters, we presented our first six tips to improve post-acquisition integration:

  1. Have internal staff and outside advisers work closely together
  2. Do due diligence
  3. Establish how to combine local companies
  4. Secure an optimal pre-integration structure
  5. Anticipate directors' departure
  6. Keep the waiting periods in mind

Here are our final three tips.


Have you seen...

... which changes to Dutch tax laws the Dutch government announced in its Tax Plan 2019?

On 18 September 2018, the Dutch government released its Budget 2019 containing the Tax Plan for 2019, which includes some significant amendments to Dutch tax laws. It aims to implement stricter rules, amongst others imposed by EU legislation, yet at the same time maintain a competitive business climate.


… the latest update on EU member states' compliance with the obligation to set up national beneficial ownership registers?

Baker McKenzie has updated its overview of implementation of the transparency requirement across the EU. Key Q&A include: the status of implementation; the date by which entities need to comply; details of which entities are covered; the test for beneficial ownership; the entities' obligations; penalties for failing to comply; and whether beneficial ownership information will be publicly available.


… Baker McKenzie's blockchain blog?

This blog covers legal developments, regulatory matters, policy issues and business concerns surrounding blockchain regulation.

Topics draw on issues spanning various areas of law, including fintech, banking, enforcement, corporate, disputes, technology, competition, IP and tax. Blockchain applications such as coin offerings, cryptocurrencies and others will also be explored.


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