As of January 16, 2019 legal entities may be subject to an administrative fine of up to 500,000 rubles (USD 8,333) if a foreign citizen whom they have invited fails to abide by the rules for his or her stay in Russia.

The inviting party will have to ensure that the foreign citizen abides by the terms and conditions of his or her visa and that he or she departs Russia on time. The Russian government is preparing a list of actions which will need to be undertaken by inviting parties.

The draft of the government resolution stipulates that the inviting party must (i) notify the foreign citizen in writing about the need to comply with the stated purpose of their entry and terms of stay in the Russian Federation, and (ii) inform the relevant authorities about any failure by the foreign citizen to comply with migration rules.

Actions to consider

In order to avoid an administrative fine employers and other persons who invite foreign citizens for business, private, humanitarian and other purposes should ensure that they are in compliance with the new government rules.

We will inform you about the specific responsibilities of inviting parties with respect to invited foreign citizens in a separate legal alert, as soon as the new government resolution is adopted and published.

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