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Welcome to the August 2018 edition of Baker McKenzie's International Trade Compliance Update.

The highlights of this Update are:

  • WTO – trade policy reviews of China and Israel, new disputes, post-Brexit commitments from the UK, 232 investigations, TBT notifications
  • WCO: 2018 SAFE Framework of Standards
  • Canada – post-Brexit trade with UK, remission of surtaxes (retaliatory duties), countermeasures
  • Mexico – government procurement thresholds under various FTAs
  • US – trade war updates, national emergencies extended, Miscellaneous Tariff Bill update, section 232 issues, Trade Promotion Authority extended, WTO disputes over retaliatory duties, sugar TRQs, sec. 301 tariffs updates, AGOA issues, CBP proposed drawback regulations, COAC, import restrictions on Libyan cultural materials, CBP procurement and EAPA determinations, warning on N. Korean links, Energy exports, ZTE update, Venezuelan sanctions updates, APHIS proposal on Lacey Act exemptions, honey, labeling, WTO agricultural safeguard triggers, AD/CVD scope rulings
  • Asia Pacific FTA update
  • China – retaliatory tariffs, launch of specialized commercial courts in two cities
  • India – WTO notifications, examination of duties on electronic transmissions
  • Thailand – identification of cosmetic manufacturers
  • Vietnam – new competition law
  • EU and EFTA – Union Customs Code regulation revised, provisional safeguards on certain steel products, EU-Japan Economic Partnership Agreement (FTA), EU-China Summit update, Maldives sanctions
  • Switzerland – initiates WTO case against US steel and aluminum duties
  • United Kingdom – consultations on future FTAs with US, Australia, New Zealand, possible CPATPP membership
  • Algeria – new law on e-commerce, supplemental finance law
  • Morocco – safeguard investigation on coated wood board

Plus CBP revocations and modifications of rulings, the regular updates on AD/CVD matters and trade matters from the Canada Gazette, Di rio Oficial (Mexico), US Federal Register, EU Official Journal, Turkish Official Gazette and many other countries.

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