The National Institute of Industrial Technology (“INTI” for its acronym in Spanish) Approved the Creation of the Registry of Suppliers of Renewable Energy

Yesterday Resolution No. 59/2018 was published in the Official Gazette. The Resolution creates the Registry of Suppliers of Renewable Energy (the Registry).

The suppliers and sub-suppliers of electromechanical goods to companies involved in Energy Investment Projects included in the National Programme for the Promotion of the Use of Renewable Sources of Energy (Programme) set forth under Law 27,191 shall be registered in such Registry if they wish to validate their goods as national components for renewable energy projects.

  1. Such Registry certifies that the electromechanical goods from registered suppliers are of local origin. Such goods may then be computed as domestic components for purposes of determining the local content of goods to be used in investment projects under the Renewable Energy Law.
    The inclusion of domestic goods in the Investment Projects is key, since it allows the beneficiaries of the Programme to enjoy tax benefits.
    Those beneficiaries that are able to prove that at least 60 per cent –or less in some cases– of the components of their electromechanical facilities are national –excluding civil construction sites– will be entitled to fiscal certificate. Such fiscal certificate may be applied to the payment of federal taxes representing a value of 20 per cent of the national components. 
  2. Additionally the Registry will provide insightful information on the national suppliers and their products, information that may be later used for purposes of further developing the industry.
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